VIDEO : Watch: Britain’s ugliest dog gains unexpected fame

With her constantly dangling tongue and hairless and scruffy mohawk, Peggy’s unconventional good looks always drew attention wherever she went. A cross between a Chinese Crested and a pug named Peggy has been voted Britain’s ugliest dog.

But since she won the award, Peggy has appeared on two of the most popular TV breakfast shows in the UK, and her photos have been published in newspapers.

Now people on the street recognize Peggy and instead of whispering, they ask to take a selfie.

“I was walking down the street with her and you saw people staring and maybe whispering to their friends or looking like there was something wrong with her,” said her owner Holly Middleton.

“While now, now she’s kind of been on TV a little bit and people want to come up, they want to take selfies with her, they want to pet her, it’s just that people seem to already know who she is,” she added. .

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