VIDEO: Relatives remember eight Ukrainians killed in Bucha during Russian occupation

Relatives of eight Ukrainians who died in Bucha during the Russian occupation laid flowers and held a memorial service dedicated to the anniversary of their death.

Mourners prayed at a memorial wall with photographs of men who died early in the conflict.

The men set up a checkpoint on a road in Bucha in an attempt to thwart the advance of Russian troops that were advancing towards the Ukrainian capital at the start of their invasion.

Ukrainian authorities say the men were captured and executed.

Their bodies lay for a month near the house on Yablunskaya Street, and relatives were only able to pick them up in April, when Russian troops left Bucha.

After the end of the Russian occupation, the Ukrainian authorities said they found mass graves and bodies strewn across the streets, buildings and houses of the city.

The events there are being investigated as war crimes.

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