Ukraine turns Banksy street art into a postage stamp mocking Vladimir Putin

Mural by an anonymous British street artist Banksy Painted on a bombed-out building in Ukraine has turned into a postage stamp mocking Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Ukrainian Postal Service released the stamp for sale on Friday, the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of the country.

In the image, a young judoka throws an adult man to the ground, who is interpreted as Putin’s representative. “FCK PTN” – that is, “To hell with Putin” – is printed in Cyrillic in the lower left corner of the stamp.

“We thought that this particular stamp, this particular picture would be the best reflection of what every Ukrainian thinks about our enemy,” said the head of the postal service, Igor Smilyansky. according to Reuters.

Just weeks after the invasion began last year, Ukraine’s postal service issued a stamp commemorating a border guard’s defiant call “Russian warship, fuck you!”

It is unclear if Banksy authorized the use of his work on the new stamp.

Representatives for the artist did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

The mural on the stamp is one of seven that Banksy painted in and around Kyiv last year. He documented the trip video from instagram.

In December, Banksy said he had created a limited edition to raise money for the War Legacy Foundation to support people stranded in the conflict zone. The artist also said he used one of the foundation’s ambulances to escape from “angry grandmotherwho found him drawing on her building.

After asking people to declare their interest in buying one of 50 prints, the charity received thousands of “hostile attacks” from internet users linked to Russian outlets. He said. It currently processes 1 million registrations.

See all Ukrainian works by Banksy here:

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