Tessa Thompson Shares Thoughts on Her First Bowl of Scrambled Eggs

Creed III“star Tessa Thompson finally gave up and tried eggs After years of denying she had ever eaten the dish (Clip can be viewed below).

Thompson, who reprises her role as Bianca Taylor in the boxing film, said:evening show” master Jimmy Fallon that she never had hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs stuffed with spices, or an “omelette” due to misinformation.

“My parents never told me that the eggs you eat would never become an advertisement for chickens, so morally speaking, they must become chickens someday,” Thompson said.

She added that she later distrusted the eggs because they “change shape.”

“When you think about it, it’s suspicious as a child,” Thompson said.

“I was so serious about it, I didn’t even eat eggplant for a long time because I thought it was related, I was so committed.”

“They’re actually pretty good,” she said after her first bite of scrambled eggs.

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