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IN MALAYSIA, Any shoes with open toes are called “slippers”, which was the norm for many years. However, the term “slippers” actually refers to shoes worn exclusively inside the home, or perhaps just outside the front door, while the term “flip-flops” refers to shoes worn strictly outside.

Whatever you call them, flip flops, flip flops or “slippers” are essential footwear that everyone should have. As a rule, most people have such shoes at home.

Nothing compares to the comfort of a flip-flop that has always been a great companion, whether you’re walking around the city, taking a leisurely stroll in the park, or even just running errands.

In tropical climates, airy, comfortable flip flops are essential to keep you cool and stylish in the heat.

As fashion evolved, so did flip flops. There are currently hundreds of different styles and famous brands of flip flops that can be worn for any occasion.

Here we have compiled a list of top five slipper shops in Malaysia that offer quality shoes to complement your lifestyle.

Bata (most convenient)

Everyone in Malaysia knows Batu. This brand has been a popular shoe manufacturer for many years. Known for its affordable and durable rubber footwear, Bata strives to produce durable and fashionable footwear with a style suitable for any occasion.

They have a wide selection of slippers, flip flops, ballerinas, sandals, as well as shoes, all guaranteed to be durable and affordable.

Adidas (sport look)

Adidas is second to none when it comes to athletic style flip flops that grab attention. Soft, lightweight and quick-drying shoes ideal for active people. In addition, the rugged outsole provides durability that withstands wear and tear on any surface. The price of Adidas flip flops is quite high, but if you are willing to spend more, why not buy the very best?

MUJI (best house slippers)

MUJI is famous for their minimalist home appliances and accessories, but let’s not forget their selection of minimalist slippers. They are also among the best on the market. With a wide range of styles to choose from, any pair will give you a minimalist aesthetic and a comfortable fit when you’re at home.

Take a look at the Twill Cushion slippers from MUJI, which have received many positive ratings and reviews. We can already tell that this shoe will be comfortable on our feet and for walking just by looking at it.

Puma (stylish and comfortable)

Along with Adidas and Nike, the German brand Puma is considered one of the leading manufacturers of sports shoes. Puma sets itself apart from the competition by offering shoes at reasonable prices, comparable in quality to other luxury brands. Puma also offers a wide range of attractive and comfortable slippers for everyday wear, designed for professionals and sports enthusiasts alike.

The German Puma slogan translates as “The less material, the more important the details.” So Puma flip flops and sandals are built for comfort, from the non-slip soles to the ergonomic footbed and soft leather-lined strap.

Birkenstock (best quality)

Birkenstock has been deeply rooted in the fine arts of producing healthy and high quality footwear since 1774. Well, this brand was a great choice for your flip flops or even sandals. This is because the deep heel at Birkenstocks gives you some stability and can also help control pronation, which contributes to flat feet, whereas regular sandals or flip flops provide little to no support and have flat soles.

Take, for example, the Birkenstock Giza. Its anatomical shape optimally supports the natural movement of the foot when walking. Your legs, joints and spine are protected.

In addition, the activity of your feet and leg muscles is good for your health and well-being. The brand may be a bit more expensive, but the quality of the products is worth the money.

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