Sen. Tammy Duckworth talks Oscar favorites and liner notes for Hollywood war movies

“I’m just thrilled to see Asians on screen who aren’t cooks, maids or helpers,” Duckworth said. “I’m just really tired of whitewashing a lot of stories and roles that were written for Asians and then played by white actors.”

War “isn’t as frivolous or as masculine as Hollywood makes it out to be,” Duckworth told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s messy and there are some really serious people serving in uniform, not just people trying to be cowboys.”

Duckworth, who was appointed Assistant Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2009 by the President. Barack Obamasomehow tried to watch “We Were Soldiers” with Mel Gibson — but had to stop “because it didn’t fit the book.”

Duckworth said she was hugeStar Wars“fan and devour”great british pastriesat home. But it was “M*A*S*H” that gave her the most comfort during the deployment. She said she even took DVDs of the show to Iraq with her.

However, at home, she is the same as many people.

“I was watching”Crazy Rich Asians“Not so long ago, and I really liked it because it happened in many places where I grew up,” she said. “It was just nice to see an Asian representation on screen in a successful film that everyone liked, not just other Asians.”

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