Savannah Daisley: Smart Cleanse heiress and founder to stand trial for sexual relations with children

The heiress and health guru will appear in court in eight months to refute accusations that she had sex with a 14-year-old boy twice on the same day.

Savannah Daisley appeared in Sydney District Court on Monday over allegations that she had sex with a teenager in late May 2021.

Police say the 45-year-old said she had feelings for the 14-year-old and gave him alcohol before having sex with him twice.

According to the police, at the time of the crime she was in a state of extreme intoxication.

The heiress then allegedly spoke to the minor on the phone and told him to remain silent about the affair, which she called a one-off.

The police legitimately listened in on a telephone conversation during which Ms. Daisley allegedly confessed to certain offenses.

The intercepted conversation between the 45-year-old man and the alleged victim will be reviewed in the upcoming trial.

The court has heard that there are two outstanding cases as Ms Daisley prepares to contest the charges.

Attorney director Rebecca Nezval said the crown was awaiting materials from the prison cell and data that had been extracted and analyzed from two phones.

Both subjects are subject to legal privilege, the court heard.

“It’s probably slow because there are a lot of chefs in the kitchen,” Ms Nezval said.

Ms. Daisley appeared before Judge Keith Trail on Monday.

She officially declared her innocence and appeared in court in October.

The court heard that there would be several underage witnesses, including the alleged victim, who would testify during pre-recorded interrogations.

Ms Nezval also noted that the Crown would call “a couple of adult witnesses” to the podium.

The court was told that the trial would last five days.

Ms Daisley will return to court at the end of April to determine if there are any legal issues or arguments that need to be resolved before the trial begins in eight months.

The 45-year-old will remain on the bail she was granted last year so she can continue to run her business.

She runs a celebrity-approved business called Smart Cleanse, which aims to promote detox and health.

The self-proclaimed naturopath has close to 40,000 Instagram followers thanks to her two-week detox program and has written two wellness books.

Her conditional freedom was secured by a $100,000 bond from her father, champion equine champion Ross Daisley.

The equestrian heiress is restricted by order to live with her parents in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

She is required to report to the police twice a week and must undergo a drug and alcohol test to ensure she is complying with bail conditions.

Ms. Daisley is not allowed to be in the company of children without supervision, and she cannot contact the alleged victim or any witnesses.

The Violence Detention Order to Protect the Presumed Victim will be in effect until at least June.

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