RG Snyman is ready to rock and roll – and Boki is delighted

springbox Delighted with the news that the RG Snyman is in good shape, shooting and available for selection again with the World Championship on the horizon.

Münster confirmed on Monday that the castle ready to be selected after a nightmarish run with knee injuries which limited him to just 54 minutes in four matches in nearly three years at the club.

“The Amazing Four”

The 28-year-old was part of the Castle’s ‘Fab Four’, which included Lud de Jaeger, Eben Etzebet and Franco Mostert, who were an integral part of the Springbox club. World Cup won four years ago in Japan.

However, he has not played a single Test for Springboks since the 2019 final against England in Yokohama.

Speaking from the team’s camp in Cape Town, assistant coach Mzwandile Stick said there was every chance Snyman could return to the team if he proved his fitness in the remainder of the Unified Rugby Championship.

“I saw on the news that RG Snyman [is close to returning]. I saw him when we were in Ireland. I know he’s so desperate to get back on the field,” Stick said.

“He has gone through hard times in the past. Unfortunately, this is part of the game. I know that he is a strong character and person. I hope he does well until the end of the season. If he returns to form, we may also be able to consider him in the squad for the World Cup.”

Snyman’s presence on the team could prove vital to resurrecting the Bomber Squad tactic of six forwards and two defensemen on the bench that helped the Springboks win the world title.

“He’s massive”

While Salmaan Moyerath and Marvin Ory have proven themselves at Test level since 2019, the former suffered a long-term injury last year that forced him to race against the clock to prove himself fit for the final World Cup team.

“I don’t think there is a coach who will complain when RG is on his team. Snyman,” Stick said.

“If you look at his height, he is massive, over 2 meters and with the skills that he has…

“The only thing he needs is to get back in good shape. I know he is a very special player. This is what we were lucky with in 2019. Being on the bench with a guy like Franco Mostert made him a sapper squad. Six forwards on the bench don’t help, but they don’t have the same effect either.

“Just imagine you are playing against Lud and Eben, and all of a sudden, just when you think it’s time for one of them to take a break, RG appears. Snyman. I don’t think there is a player who would like to go through those 80 minutes. If we can get him back on the field and he is at his best, it will be good for our team and the depth of our squad.

“The guys who are here did a very good job. I also have to praise the guys who took their chance. Marvin Ory, Salman Moyerath, when they get a chance, think about Salman against Italy. We know that Marvin is a genius in the corridors and in general in the game.

“As a coaching staff, the deeper we get into this position, the better for us.”

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