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EVEN Are you planning to upgrade your room? Instead of going to the store to shop, why not unleash your creative side? Try out these DIY decor ideas we have put together for you to add some personality to your space.

Vases from recycled bottles

The first DIY decor design you can try is to make these fun glass vases from recycled bottles. All you need is unused glass bottles, fresh flowers like roses or chrysanthemums, or some arts and crafts supplies – white paint, gold glitter, whatever strikes your fancy. After gathering everything you need, decorate the vases to make them look more aesthetically pleasing.

floating led cloud light

If you want to add some color and interest to your aesthetic room, this pretty floating LED cloud light is a must. You will need an empty plastic bottle, cotton wool, color-changing LED lights, and string. Glue the LEDs inside the bottle and wrap them with cotton wool to make a fluffy cloud. Attach the string to the top of your cloud and attach it to the ceiling.

Placard from the Spotify album

The Spotify Album Record is a fashionable and eye-catching room decoration that can be hung on the wall or placed on a wooden stand on the table. You will need an acrylic board or glass sheet, a white or black permanent marker, and a printout of the cover art of your favorite Spotify album or song. Just write the name of the song, circle the audio controls and stick the cover art on the surface and you’re done!

aesthetic mirror

Aesthetic handmade mirrors are very popular now. It’s all pretty easy to build and you can either draw cute pictures on the mirror itself or make an accent frame using a variety of materials and colors. Some of the most popular aesthetic frame designs are clay drops, foam, wavy rugs, and painted clouds.

cork bulletin board

Corkboard in the bedroom is always at hand. You can post anything important to you: holiday photos, memos, to-do lists, goal lists, and so on. It can be difficult to build a good cork board, but be persistent because it’s worth it!

Tissue paper flowers

Bare walls can sometimes look dull and boring, so why not decorate them with tissue paper flowers? They add color to your boring walls and won’t fade. It would be a lot of fun to mix and match colors anyway using tissue paper in different shades. Tissue paper flowers are also great for holiday decorations!

ice cream stick shelf

Believe it or not, a humble popsicle stick can be turned into a useful DIY shelf. Just glue all the freshly washed sticks together and then apply stain to them to complete the drawing. Now you have a place to store succulents.

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