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COMMENT #1: Marty; I just wanted to thank you for Socrates. While everything seemed to stir up emotions in the market, Socrates’ forecast for this week was aimed at a few months back and was very impressive. But the Daily Array chose this particular day as Monday with a change of direction and a turning point. It’s so nice to have a truly independent source. I know you laughed at the Nobel Prize and they gave the Peace Prize to Obama for trying to invade Syria. If there was a real economics award, you should be at the top of the list for your understanding of the world economy and the creation of Socrates.

Thank you very much


COMMENT #2: Hi Martin,

This is interesting. I asked chatGPT if he knew Socrates and here is the answer.



COMMENT #3: Marty; We must start a movement for the approval of all government decisions with Socrates. Anything that goes against his prediction should be disposed of.


REPLY: Let’s hope that over the next ten years the fake press will realize that their future is also being destroyed by their puppeteers and what they write. Perhaps then they will turn to reality and look at their families. All fake/biased news is destroying the world. Just look at Ukraine. Stick to the Minsk agreements and the war will be over in 15 minutes or less. Ukraine agreed to this with fingers crossed.

I hope that Socrates will prove himself over the next ten years economically, and perhaps it is a good idea that any decision that goes against the trend should be invalidated. The CIA wanted Socrates and the bankers told the CFTC to shut down our company to stop the forecasts. The CIA just wanted Socrates because he predicted wars and the rise and fall of nations. Bankers have always tried to manipulate the markets, and when Socrates predicted they would lose, they wanted those predictions to be silenced.

But wars and geopolitics are only a small part of what Socrates is able to predict. The advantage of Socrates is to ensure the long-term future of society by eliminating human opinion and prejudice. I have said many times, Socrates taught me a lot.

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