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STUDIO MAP has been pumping out one anime after another with uncompromising quality for the past few years, and the latest, Chainsawis no different, even if it doesn’t exceed the current standards for anime or even other MAPPA products.

Based on the Japanese manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto. Chainsaw focuses on the story of Denji, a young man who spent his youth trying to pay off his late father’s debt to the triad while fighting the demons that haunt Japan.

On his deathbed – in the first episode – Denji forms a contract with his devil dog Honor, absorbing it and gaining the ability to become a “devil” himself with chainsaw blades on his arms and head.

The first season of the series then explores a character hired by a government agency to fight other “devils”, while introducing key supporting characters, revealing the lore behind Fujimoto’s rich world, and creating its villains.

The 12 episodes of the first season will adapt the first 38 chapters of the manga. It may seem a little too compressed, but the anime moves very smoothly despite having a lot of moving parts.

As someone who only found out about the source material through this anime, everything was easy to understand.

Although technically a shonen anime that is traditionally aimed at an audience aged 9 to 18, Chainsaw much more mature in themes, plot and, of course, action.

Danji – due to life circumstances – did not have any social development, except for communication with a dog. This becomes quickly apparent after he is recruited into the agency and forced to cooperate with colleagues who have their own goals and motives, while Denji has no other goal than “feeding three times a day.”

While the first season doesn’t really show how Denji grows out of his anti-social, nihilistic shell, he does a great job of developing him, especially developing the base and relationships with other secondary characters in a realistic, mature manner.

Even the jokes about youthful sex in the series are enjoyable due to the contextual framing of Fujimoto through Denji’s eyes.

Back to action like chainsaws on Denji’s limbs Chainsaw bloody It’s almost unreasonable how much anime pushes the boundaries of the show’s violence, and since the studio behind the show is MAPPA, the action sequences are also very cinematic in addition to the kinetic splatter.

Name – Chainsaw – makes it clear that the series is not the Punchy McKick anime, and the fights are not drawn out and stretched over several episodes. Every interaction and combat sequence opens and ends on time, just like this first season.

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