look: Glance exceeds 30 million users in Indonesia; launch Roposo next quarter

take a glimpseGoogle and Gio’s Confidence The Indian social network-backed company plans to expand its services in Indonesia and launch its Roposo live platform next quarter, Piyush Shah, co-founder InMobi Group and President and COO of Glance, ET said.

According to him, Roposo will add creator-driven live content to lock screens.

“This will provide creators with many differentiated monetization opportunities, broad reach, and unique experiences,” he added.

The company also plans to offer more games and game streaming through its gaming platform. Nostra.

Nostra’s user base in Indonesia is expected to double this year, Shah said.

In addition, Nostra plans to expand its game library from 400 games to 1,000 this year through partnerships with game studios and developers around the world.

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“This creates a huge opportunity for talented game developers in Indonesia to create and scale games with a lock screen presence – not just in Indonesia, but also in other Nostra markets,” he said. The company has more than doubled its workforce in Indonesia in the past two years and is committed to continuing to invest in local talent and infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Glance has surpassed 30 million monthly active users (MAU) in Indonesia, and over the next year, MAU is expected to exceed 50 million in the next four to six quarters in Indonesia.

Glance lock screen offers personalized and popular content from local and global publishers in categories such as sports, entertainment, travel and lifestyle, games from game studios and streamers, and live content from professional creators.

Over 225 million consumers worldwide use Glance on their android smartphones in different markets. Glance has been present in Indonesia for about two years.

“Over the past six months, our top three categories in Indonesia – entertainment, games and technology content – ​​have amassed 626 million, 591 million and 411 million video views, respectively. Whether it’s news, entertainment, live games or health and fitness content, consumers find Glance an engaging, meaningful experience,” Shah told ET.

Duleep Shahri, director of market development for Glance in Indonesia, said: “With the expansion of Nostra, as well as the anticipated launch of Roposo, we are planning two to three partnerships with media publishers to help them use the Glance lock screen for deeper engagement. with your audience.”

According to the 2023 Glance Smart LockScreen report, it has an almost equal ratio of male and female active consumers and balanced engagement across age groups (40% aged 35 and over, 36% aged 24-34).

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