Letters: Readers outraged by Russell Westbrook at Clippers

If I were Clippers coach Tyrone Liu, I would would tell Russell Westbrook don’t throw threes unless the clock is running short, as his three-point shots are nearly the worst in the NBA. Also, whenever Russ makes a stupid pass, I sit him down. Otherwise, the energy Russ brings to the floor will definitely help the Clippers.

Vaughn Hardenberg


The pseudo-king treated Westbrook like a useless pawn, so let’s hope Russell plays exceptionally well and shows the world that the king is the worst grandmaster in Lakers history.

Shame on Queen Jeanie for listening to James at all. Thanks Paul George.

Fred Wallin
Westlake Village


Clipper’s brain tip: when things go wrong, as they inevitably will, don’t say you weren’t warned.

Thomas Philip


What a surprise. Bill Plaschke Claims Clippers making the same mistakes as the Lakers. The Clippers gave Steve Ballmer just a little bit of change to take a chance with an experienced point guard who goes to the rim, they only need a little health. Russ isn’t looking to fill out the stats sheet or defend, but he could help raise the Clippers’ first banner.

Bruce Galler


Westbrook could be a big help to the Clippers if he had a well-defined role as an intermediary and a well-defined clause in his contract: You will be fined $10,000 every time you shoot a three-point shot.

Ron Ovadia


As a Clippers fan, I admit that I’m worried about their acquisition of Russell Westbrook. Bill Plaschke then wrote a column in which he suggested that the move would be a disaster for the team. Since Bill’s success rate is about 8%, I immediately felt better.

Bert Bergen


For Clippers fans, weeks the scariest statement came from head coach Tyronne Liu. “We want Russ to be Russ.”

Hugh K. Malay

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