Influencer diagnosed with breast cancer days after best friend’s death

With her beaming smile and unrivaled stamina, it’s easy to assume that Lynn Hainsby doesn’t care about the world.

British Instructor Peloton is one of the fitness platform’s most beloved instructors, with thousands of people tuning in to her rotation sessions daily.

In one of her latest sessions, the 35-year-old has a grueling 30-minute session with a Kylie Minogue playlist. Lynn barely broke a sweat as she climbed steep climbs and high speeds in rhythm. spinning around And I must be so lucky.

But despite her infectious “brilliant” personality, Lynn endured a devastating double whammy after being diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer just days after the shock death of her best friend Danielle Hampson.

“I know more than ever how important this movement is,” Lynn told

“I use my experience and the knowledge I have gained and continue to acquire to be the best instructor I can be.

“I know there will be people who have been diagnosed who will feel like they can continue to train at some volume because that’s who I am and that means the whole world to me.”

Lynn, a former dancer who has performed on stage with some of the world’s biggest stars including Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, first opened up about her health struggles in an emotional Instagram post earlier in the year.

“Two days before my best friend’s funeral, I discovered a breast tumor,” she wrote in January.

“This is truly a sentence that I NEVER imagined being written.

“After several scans and meetings with cancer consultants and nurses, and complete horror over several weeks, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2022.”

Danielle, who was engaged to former X-factor UK member Tom Mann, died unexpectedly on the morning of the wedding in June 2022.

She was only 34 years old and was survived by the Bowie couple’s young son.

Still reeling from this shock loss, Lynn found a lump the size of a golf ball in her chest.

At first, the doctors didn’t pay attention to it because of her age, but she insisted on tests, which resulted in her being diagnosed.

After the news broke, Lynn’s 387,000 followers rallied to show their support, with many praising her for continuing to teach every week while undergoing cancer treatment and battling her grief.

But keeping such a “terrible secret” was not easy.

“There was definitely a moment after Danielle’s death when I thought, ‘I’ll never be happy enough to do this job again,'” she said. Telegraph.

“But then I started thinking about the Peloton members. Many have or have had cancer and are being treated.

“I knew that I had power. Also, I was in the very early stages of grief. I had to focus.”

For months, Lynn, who is engaged to fellow Peloton instructor Ben Aldis, has been hosting live classes every Wednesday morning before her chemo.

“If I woke up and was just about to go to chemo, it would feel like chemo takes up my whole day. Cancer will win,” she told the British publication.

“My classes turned out to be heaven – one moment in my day when I was not a breast cancer patient or a girl who had just lost her best friend. It seemed to me that I could be free for a while.”

Despite her determined nature, Lynn found it harder and harder to hide the devastating effects of chemotherapy from the Peloton community, prompting her to go public.

“Some people noticed that I was wearing less makeup, which I did because I didn’t have any eyelashes or eyebrows to put on,” she explained.

“And I didn’t want to use fake tan during the treatment. So I didn’t look like I usually do.

“But by January, my nails started to die, I lost all my eyelashes, I was really really pale, and I was like, ‘Before people start telling me I look so different, I want to own this.

Lynn decided to use a chemo cooling cap, an ice-cold device worn to reduce blood flow to the scalp. Its effectiveness varies from person to person, but for Lynn, it helps maintain her signature blonde hair.

The response from her Peloton community was beyond anything she could have expected as Lynn stated it was good to know she inspired others to check.

“I never understood the power of the community until I shared my recent diagnosis,” she told

“The love, well wishes and support was more than I could ever imagine.

“When I shared my news, I knew my main goal was to raise awareness. To remind people to check and check again and I’ve had so many people tell me they booked checkups or insisted on a different opinion because of my news.

“It’s positive when it wasn’t so positive.”

Thankfully, after completing her radiation therapy last month, the doctors said that Lynn no longer had cancer.

She will be on medication for the next two years and will need regular check-ups, but the prognosis is good.

As a result, she throws herself headlong into work, most recently hosting the first series of Australian artists Peloton starring Kylie Minogue, with whom she once performed alongside as a professional dancer.

“Kylie’s music has always been such a constant in my life. I have always enjoyed watching her music videos and shows over the years, she always brings something new, which as a performer has always seemed so exciting,” said Lynn.

“I truly believe that music is therapy. It has the ability to boost your mood, your confidence, it can take you to another feeling, emotion, memory, or decade in seconds, and somehow it brings us all together.

“For me, it’s MAGIC.”

Despite her positive outlook, Lynn said it’s “important” to point out that it’s not possible to maintain her trademark “sparkle” all the time.

“Some days are really hard and I realized that this is normal and my life looks exactly like this at the moment.

“However, when I enter the studio, I choose happiness. I choose joy and decide that no matter what else happens that day, these 30 minutes will be bright and fun, and I’m going to give it my all. Glitter is a way of thinking.”

This feeling has not gone unnoticed by her fans, who continue to thank Lynn for sharing her difficult story.

“YES, as a young breast cancer survivor, I LOVE that you are spreading the word,” one wrote on social media.

“The power you give to others on a daily basis is only a fraction of the power you have inside. We are immensely grateful to you,” said another.

As another stated, “You will never be the most brilliant and beautiful person in any room! Keep fighting. You are not alone.”

Peloton’s Kylie Minogue Artist Series lessons are now available on the platform, which includes walking, running, yoga and cycling.

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