Golf 2023: Tiger Woods calls Marvel star Chris Pratt a ‘sandbag bastard’

Hollywood actor Chris Pratt has opened up about how he met golf legend Tiger Woods, sharing what he called “the best story of my life.”

In 2019, Woods hosted the Genesis Open Celebrity Cup where Pratt played alongside athletes and entertainers at the Riviera Country Club in Southern California.

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It is the home of the $20 million tournament, where he returned for the first time since last year’s British Open after his terrible car accident.

However, he made a splash when placed a tampon in the arm of playmate Justin Thomas on opening day.

But Pratt, who appeared in the first episode of Nick Faldo’s YouTube series, 18 with Sir Nickfeatured one of his first encounters with Woods.

“It must have been the first tournament I played in because I was very nervous,” Pratt said.

“I went out to the range early and just dribbled the ball and it went all over the place.

“And every now and then you will see me wearing these glasses, I’m kind of blind, so I was playing with a bright yellow ball and I thought I could see it.

“So, anyway, they say, ‘Mr Pratt, your game time is up,’ so I go to the 10th court and Tiger Woods is there.

“He looks at me and says: “yellow ball, right?”

“I was like ‘oh my god’. My instinct as an actor and comedic person is to put myself down, and the line that came to my mind was “it will be much easier to find in the bushes after I hit him.”

“Instead, I said, ‘I have poor eyesight, so if it’s a white ball, I can’t see it beyond 300 yards.’

“And he says, ‘Oh, okay then.’

“At the time, I had a handicap of 18 and lined up and of course it was one of the best, cleanest drives of my life. I made a strip right down the middle and froze in front of everyone, and Tiger is 18 years old with a handicap? Sandbag bastard.

“Oh my God, this is the best story of my life.”

You have to imagine Pratt walking down the fairway from there.

For those who don’t know, using sandbags lowers expectations so you get better than expected results.

Pratt said he’s been “obsessed” with golf for the last five years – with a handicap of around 9, although he never went over 80.

In a previous video posted to Instagram, Pratt talked about the challenges he faced in his development as a golfer. “Here I am obsessively practicing 9-foot punches over and over again because the only way to get better is to practice,” Pratt wrote in the caption. “When it’s good, it’s really good (very rarely), but when it’s bad, I want to throw my clubs off the bridge. “I wish I was man enough to give up golf. “I can’t leave you! “Golf is unpleasant for me. She is cruel. She is downright offensive. “But I seem to love it. I think it’s love. “I have to love this game. It drives me crazy. And here I am fixated on this. “Posting about it. Oh, what a fool you have made of me golf.

Pratt is known for his roles as Star-Lord in Marvel films. guardians of the galaxy and in jurassic world series and also Parks and recreation areas.

Woods has been heavily criticized for his tampon prank, but he remains one of the hottest entrants on the PGA Tour.

The 47-year-old will continue to play on the tour but will likely limit his tournaments to major tournaments.

“I’m not going to play more than maybe the majors and maybe a couple more,” he said.

“That’s it, that’s all my body allows me to do. My back is the way it is, all the surgeries I’ve had on my back, my leg is the way it is, I just can’t. This will just be my future.

“So last year I intended to play in all four majors, I got three out of four. Hopefully this year I can get all four and maybe add a few here and there. But that’s it for the rest of my career. I know and understand it. It’s just my reality.”

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