Duel between Biden and Putin in words

President Vladimir Putin shot down balloons saying he would declare war on NATO, impose martial law on Russia, or announce a major new wave of military mobilization because Russia was losing. What is really sad is the complete absence of any kind of unbiased information in the mainstream media around the world, proving that all media is behind this agenda to start World War III. They have been given instructions from their respective governments and how dare they offer any factual exploratory analysis.

Most of them report that Putin simply repeated the same lines about the reasons for his invasion of Ukraine almost a year ago. They ignored all the Minsk agreements or the fact that Zelenskiy told the press the day before the February 23, 2022 invasion that Ukraine would no longer be neutral and was preparing to rearm with nuclear weapons. We invaded Iraq claiming that this is exactly what Saddam did when he did not make such public statements.

They all pretty much reported that Putin offered no vision of how the war he started might end. They have rehabilitated everyone in the West and Zelensky as some kind of savior of democracy when he outlaws all criticism of himself at home and orders that the Donbass should no longer be part of the Russian Orthodox Church, but be subject to his new Patriarch of Kiev .

Putin’s only restrained response was the announcement that Russia was suspending its participation in the new START nuclear arms reduction treaty. Even this was only a formal statement, as he then said that Russia would not start testing nuclear weapons unless the US did it first.

I have reported from reliable sources that the outlook in Russia has shifted from a war with Ukraine to a war against the US and NATO. Putin said:

“The US and NATO openly declare that their goal is the strategic defeat of Russia.”
He added. “And what, after that, we should just let them travel around our (nuclear) facilities?”

“They want to inflict a strategic defeat on us and surround all of our nuclear facilities,” Putin said.

“Therefore, I would like to announce today that Russia is suspending its participation in the START Treaty.”

However, Putin is not the warmonger the Western press is told to print. He had 30 years to invade Europe and he didn’t. The Russian people are not interested in conquering Europe. These are old neocon propaganda stories that have been pushing the whole regime change theory all along. They objected to Reagan’s meeting with Gorbachev, saying at the time that it was a trap and that Gorbachev could not be trusted.

Putin has shown that he is not waiting for World War III and made it clear that Russia is not withdrawing from the treaty entirely, but only suspending participation. We must not forget that it was the United States, by declaring neutrality, by sending arms to the UK via passenger ships, that dragged the US into the First World War. NATO and the US are by no means neutral, this whole Ukrainian war was started in 2014 by the interim unelected US government in Kiev, which started a civil war and in 2014 sent troops to invade the Donbass.

Joe Biden seems to really think he will run in 2024. The exhibition for him in Poland with all the lights was clearly a ruse from Roman times and a light coming from Sol’s head to save the Roman Empire in a time of desperate need. during the reign of Aurelian 270-275. AD who built the Wall around Rome to hold back barbarian incursions. The rays of light were supposed to symbolize the Roman god Sol, the Sun, which rose every day and was therefore invincible (SOL INVICTUS).

Even the Statue of Liberty used the same symbol – INVICTUS. Interestingly, this paved the way for Christianity, because even our Christmas was a holiday of the Sun. The lights behind Biden were deliberately placed for the very message that we will be INVINCIBLE. Biden also pushed for his re-election in 2024. He declared:

“The decisions we make over the next five years or so will determine and shape our lives for decades to come.” In this sense, he is right. It will be a major war like no other, and it will truly change the future. But a pre-battle victory circle usually boosts morale and reassures people that they are about to die for a very good cause.

Biden added: “The choice is between chaos and stability, between creation and destruction, between hope and fear, between democracy, [which] uplifts the human spirit, but the cruel hand of the dictator crushes it.” All this is propaganda. Putin is no more a dictator than any other world leader. In fact, we all live in a real dictatorship, because republics are the worst form of government ever invented. Biden never let the people vote for this war. We must die without even having the right to object to this war.

The bias in the press is simply amazing. Even Bloomberg wrote: “Putin falsely accused the West of starting the conflict and said that the Kremlin would not be the first to test nuclear weapons.” They simply refuse to even tell the truth about anything. They ignore the fact that the West only agreed to the Minsk settlement in order to gain time and confirm that the West wants this war. The press all have their own orders – to drive the people to the Third World War. The truth doesn’t matter anymore.

Biden has said Russia will never win the war and has never responded to Putin’s remarks about the suspension of the treaty. He also threatened China, saying he would sanction every company that supports Putin’s invasion. Biden didn’t think about honoring the Minsk agreements and Xi Jinping tried to make peace, but Biden will have nothing to do with any peace deal – he reads his teleprompter and only wants war.

Biden proclaimed all this because the neocons behind the scenes are demanding war, the ultimate goal they have been pursuing ever since they opposed Ronald Reagan, even talking to Gorbachev. They are against any relationship with Russia. Sanctions on pipe exports have been in place since Russia and Germany agreed back in 1955.

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