Dog rescued from rubble after shelling in Western Ukraine

At least five people were killed in a Russian strike on a village in the Lviv region in western Ukraine when Russia shelled several cities on Thursday, March 9, according to a Ukrainian official. On Thursday, the mayor of Zolochev, Igor Grinkov, said that the rocket hit two residential buildings in the village of Bolshaya Olshanitsa, Zolochiv district. The dog, found by volunteers among the rubble, was taken to a veterinary clinic, the Ukrainian state broadcaster Suspіlne reported, but it is reported that the owners of the dog died during the strike. According to veterinary staff, the dog, named Elsa, suffered injuries to its paw, eye and neck and was “very scared” but was expecting a full recovery, Suspilne said. Veterinarians hoped she would be adopted after her recovery, the report says, according to machine translation. Credit: Suspilne Lviv via Storyful

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