Day 2 Portuguese Grand Prix 2023: Timo wins Portugal’s first gold in judo competition

Second day 2023 Portuguese Grand Prix saw the stadium filled to the brim with local fans eager to cheer for their local stars!

And Barbara Timo did not disappoint! After making her way through the qualifiers, she won the first gold medal of the tournament for Portugal! The crowd was in complete awe of the appearance of their hero!

Catarina Rodriguez, Director of Events for the 2023 Portuguese Grand Prix, was in attendance to present the medals.

“The crowd gives me extra energy. I feel so motivated to have such amazing support including my family and friends,” Timo explained. – I want it to be like this at every tournament. It was great to get the first medal here in Portugal.”

Category up to 73 kg

In the weight category up to 73 kg, Uzbekistan’s Obidkhon Nomonov defeated Kazakhstan’s Zhansai Smagulov, fixing the attack and moving forward with pure determination and rotation. he was delighted

He was awarded medals by Mohammed Merij, IJF Director of Education and Coaching.

“Yes, my team here is a big support when I get tired, Iliadis shouts encouragement — when I hear his voice, I gain new strength and start to fight better, especially when I get tired,” Nomonov said.

Category up to 70 kg

In the 70 kg category, Australian Maeve Coughlan burned all day and held on to victory in the final, taking her second gold medal at the Australian Grand Prix.

She was awarded the medal by Vladimir Barta, Chief Sports Director of the IJF.

Category up to 81 kg

In the 81kg class, Korea’s rising star Junwan Lee made another statement confirming why the entire 81kg class is on high alert. He definitely deserves attention, getting another world tour gold.

The medals were presented by Florin Daniel Lasko, Chief Judging Director of the IJF.

The audience had something to rejoice in the image of Anri Egutidze – although he did not stand on the podium today, he put on a show for his fans. Back in the under-81kg division, he looks ready to make his mark in the category.

On the third day, even more Portuguese stars will appreciate the gold.

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