DAR distributes land titles to ARBs in Cebu, Negros Oriental

The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) recently distributed a total of 1,290 land titles covering 1,171.34 hectares of agricultural land in Bohol, Cebu and Negros Oriental.

DAR Secretary Conrado Estrella III led the distribution of land titles to 1,321 agrarian reform recipients in a simple ceremony on February 21.

Dissemination activities were carried out simultaneously in 3 provinces of the Central Visayas, with Estrella leading the activity in Bohol, Deputy Minister of Field Operations (FOO) Casel Celeste in Negros Oriental and Assistant Secretary of State Marjorie Ason in Cebu.

DAR reported that about 501 ARBs received 602 land titles covering 544.05 hectares in Bohol province. Of these land titles, 483 are electronic titles (e-titles) created by the agency’s Support for Land Division for Individual Property Rights (SPLIT) project, comprising 471.15 ha distributed among 402 ARBs.

The remaining 72.89 ha were awarded to 119 land title deeds (CLOAs) issued to 99 farmers.

Negros Oriental has distributed 480 land titles with a total area of ​​​​330.63 ha in 474 ARBs. Of these, 175 e-titles covering an area of ​​​​145.73 ha are distributed across 212 ARBs; 271 KSOA with an area of ​​164.83 ha for 238 EPIRBs; and 34 Exemption Patents (EPs) covering 20.07 ha for 24 ARBs.

In the province of Cebu, 208 CLOAs covering 296.66 ha were distributed across 346 EPIRBs.

The SPLIT project is the subdivision of agricultural land and the issuance of individual land titles to ERBs that were previously granted land under collective CLOAs.

“Hold on to your land ownership rights and take care of your farmland because this administration will provide a variety of support services in your community to boost your livelihood activities,” Estrella said.

In addition to providing land and support services, the DAR is working in tandem with legislators for the eventual approval of a bill to exempt land distributed to the RBAs from depreciation.

Avelino Montes, a 67-year-old ARB from Talibon, Bohol, said he had been waiting to own the plot of land for more than 30 years.

“Now we look forward to a bright future for our families thanks to these lands and the promise of support they will give us,” he said.

Bohol Governor Erico Aristotle Augmentado, also present at the event, said the agrarian reform program was essential to achieving the country’s food security goals.

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