Colonel Douglas MacGregor and sources

COMMENT #1: I watched Colonel Douglas McGregor (retired) on alternative news sites. He is a former tank commander during the Gulf War and worked extensively with NATO until his retirement. I like his direct comments, so in a nutshell he says the following:
1. Ukraine has lost up to 250 thousand military personnel, and they are in a difficult situation. They will lose the war badly.
2. The US military is also in a difficult position, and if it comes to a fight, they can only provide 50,000 soldiers for a few weeks. They ran out of ammunition (all went to Ukraine), and the recruitment targets for all 4 squads are lower than what the Ministry of Defense tells us.
3. The European armed forces are completely unprepared and will be ineffective.
4. Which leads him to say that the US/NATO won’t go to war because a sane military won’t allow it. I hope he’s right, but he doesn’t rule out false flags or Biden’s incompetence.
You have to watch him, he’s great, a man with genuine combat experience and knows the political machinations of DC but strongly opposed to war.

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COMMENT #2: Colonel Douglas MacGregor often spoke and confirmed what you said weeks or months before. It looks like he has similar sources. He went to West Point. Did they also teach your model of war like the Citadel? Many generals graduated from the Citadel.

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REPLY: Perhaps we both have similar contacts. As for West Point, I don’t know if they ever trained our models. What I know is that there is a serious risk that Ukraine will lose, and all the fake news that continues to spread propaganda does not take into account what will happen if Ukraine loses.

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