China hit by “worm rain”: residents were asked to bring umbrellas

Residents in China’s Liaoning province have been ordered to take shelter after what appeared to be a rain of worms.

A viral video showed the area apparently being showered with small worms that were scattered all over the cars. New York Post reports.

The video shows residents covering themselves with umbrellas as they go about their business and wander past.

Although the cause of the slimy creature’s distress has not yet been revealed, the scientific journal Mother Nature Network suggested that the animals were thrown off after being blown away by strong winds.

The magazine also notes that such a phenomenon occurs after a storm, when the insects are caught in a whirlpool.

Another theory suggested that the worms were actually the flowers of poplar, a tulip tree whose flowers resemble writhing beasts.

Viewers were stunned by the city’s current problem, with one person declaring, “These are not worms or animals, but flower stalks that have fallen from the trees.”

Someone else claimed that the video was fake and looked like a prank.

“Strange occurrences,” the user added, weighing another, “if I was just going about my business on a normal day in China and it started raining worms? I would just die.”

A similar bizarre event happened last December, when iguanas were thought to be raining down from trees in Florida due to colder temperatures.

“They slow down or become immobile when the temperature is below 40F (4.4C),” WFTV meteorologist Brian Shields tweeted last winter.

“They may fall from trees, but they are not dead.”

The incident is reportedly not uncommon when cold weather hits the state. When the temperature drops, the reptiles become rigid and fall to the ground.

While a thermometer will stun invasive reptiles, iguanas will not necessarily die. Many will simply wake up when the temperature rises.

This article originally appeared inNew York Post and reproduced with permission

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