Century Properties makes forays into social housing

Developer Century Properties Group Inc. (CPG) on Thursday said it is entering the social, economic and middle-income housing markets as it expands its First brand to new homebuyers.

These new product lines will be owned by Century First Corp., CPG said.

The company said First is unveiling its version of the mixed-use format, which will include multiple residential product offerings as well as support for commercial, retail and institutional components.

“These expansion efforts are providing a broader range of housing packages and price tiers to provide first-time homebuyers with a wider range of options to own their first home,” the company said in a statement.

“The creation of a new subsidiary of the First brand demonstrates our deep commitment to meeting the diverse needs of new home buyers in the Philippines. With this strategic initiative, we are ready to bring more quality homes to market, accessible to a wider range of Filipinos,” said CPG President and CEO Marco Antonio.

The mid-income company’s first development, First Editions Batulao, was unveiled last December. Covering 14.1 hectares in Batulao, Batangas, this development offers a total of 629 detached and detached apartments with a total sales value of 3.06 billion pesos.

Batulao offers four models of houses – Cartland 54, Charles 70, Christie 90 and Corin 120 with areas from 54 to 120 square meters and typical plot sizes from 88 to 132 square meters. These units are available for purchase at prices ranging from 3.2 million to 6 million pesos.

Meanwhile, First Sights Bay, a social and economic residential community on the bay in Laguna, offers two home models. This is the Alora series, a cluster house with an attic, with an area of ​​​​30 square meters and a typical plot area of ​​​​41 to 56 square meters; and the Amani series, townhouses with an area of ​​​​36 square meters and a typical plot size of 40 to 55 square meters.

It will launch next month and the units available will cost 580,000 pesos for social housing and 800,000 to 1.5 million pesos for economic housing. The complex occupies 15.3 hectares of land and offers 1818 apartments with a total value of 2.32 billion pesos.

Phirst will also unveil its first mixed-use campus in Bataan, called Phirst Centrale Hermosa, at the end of next month. On 36 hectares, Centrale will open a variety of venues, including First Impressions and First Editions for residential, First Fairgrounds for commercial and First Boroughs for retail.

The village project will have 2,041 apartments worth 6.74 billion pesos.

First Impressions will open during a city event scheduled for next month. The enclave is a 14.5-hectare townhouse with 1,574 apartments worth about 3.12 billion pesos. The unit price will range from 1.7 million to 2.5 million pesos with a floor area of ​​40 square meters and a typical plot area of ​​44 to 60.5 square meters.

Meanwhile, First Fairgrounds is a 3.1 hectare commercial development with plots ranging from 503m to 1531m. The first phase of development is valued at 602 million pesos with 21 units available for sale.

Including these new product lines, the First brand will now have a total of 16 main planned communities covering 293 hectares of land, with 19,869 units launched, valued at 34.43 billion pesos. As of the end of December 2022, the company said it had built 5,908 apartments and handed over more than 3,835 homes to buyers.

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