Boba Fett will appear in Mandalorian S3

OUR upcoming season The Mandalorian, which is scheduled to premiere on March 1st on Disney+, has already generated huge interest from fans. However, the hype may just be over the top after the recent revelation that a fan-favorite character will be making an appearance.

A post posted by the Hong Kong Star Wars Facebook account advertises the upcoming season premiere, the translation of its message reads: “The original team is back on the big track. in Mandalorian [Din Djarin] And [Grogu] are about to open a new adventure!”

However, the translated post continues: “Add an amazing bounty hunter [Boba Fett] with other old allies and new enemies!” This seems to confirm that the brute bounty hunter will be making an appearance in what already promises to be a tough season for other Mandalorians as Din Djarin will team up with former Mandalorian leader Bo-Katan Kryze and others for his return to Earth. Homeworld of the Mandalorians.

While Disney has not officially confirmed anything, Boba Fett’s appearance would have been a nice touch considering Dean Djarin made a surprise appearance in the spin-off. Boba Fett bookwhich was created to bridge the gap between The Mandaloriansecond and third seasons.

It doesn’t look like Mandomania will end anytime soon as the second series Boba Fett book is in development, and the fourth season The Mandalorian will start filming later this year.

Watch the official trailer for the third season The Mandalorian Here:

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