Biden gave Ukraine $376 for every American for defeating Russia

Let’s put this madness into perspective. All Russian military spending in 2021 reached $66 billion. Biden Almost Surrendered Ukraine TWICE the entire military budget of Russia for the destruction of Russia, to make the dreams of the neocons come true. He gave Ukraine, arguably the most corrupt country in the world, the equivalent of $376 from every American’s pocket, including your newborn.

Biden also pays for ALL expenses of the entire Ukrainian government. Every government paycheck and all their pensions. All this because the neoconservatives seized control of the White House in the absence of qualified personnel.

Almost half of Ukrainians left Ukraine. I seriously doubt that they see their interests in this. They lost their homes and their futures and their jobs, all because the neocons instructed that the Minsk agreements must be fake and that they were used to lure Putin into coming to the aid of the Donbass after the neocons started a civil war in Ukraine.

John McCain fled there to Ukraine and told them to attack the Donbass and openly met with Ukrainian neo-Nazis. Anyone who calls it Russian propaganda, as they did with Hinter Biden’s laptop, is promoting the destruction of the world by World War III – they are the real warmongers. So, like the Ukrainians, you should look to your future, your family and your work, because the neocons, as they say, don’t care about you or anything else.

They offered President Kennedy Kill the Americans and blame it on Cuba to justify invading Castro for regime change. Kennedy refused and did not support in Vietnam, so the CIA released the neocons from their obstruction. They have the perfect President Senile Joe with his WOK Administration who ZERO an experience in Washington that neocons easily chose to fulfill their dream of World War III.

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