Australian boxing star Ebany Bridges is still boxing despite OnlyFans’ “generational wealth”.

Ebany Bridges has revealed why she is still boxing despite earning ‘generational wealth’ from her OnlyFans account.

Bridges is the world bantamweight champion, having held the title since March 2022 and has won an army of adoring fans. Sun reports.

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Bridges turned professional in 2019 and has won each of her first five fights and is currently on a four win streak.

The 36-year-old “Blonde Bomber” successfully defended her belt with an eighth round TKO victory over Shannon O’Connell for the last time in December.

However, the Aussie suffered a hand injury in that fight and will not be able to spar again until May.

Luckily for the star, she is not in financial trouble due to the success of her OnlyFans subscription.

But despite this, Bridges is adamant that she has no plans to leave the ring just yet, as she has revealed what makes her fight.

She told TalkSPORT, “You wouldn’t even believe me if I said that. It’s only been ten weeks and I won’t reveal (how much money I’ve made), but since the second day I launched OnlyFans, I’ve been in the top 0.01% of earnings.

“I don’t even know why I box, probably because I love to hit people.”

Although some of her fans have signed up for her OnlyFans service, others have criticized this decision, although Bridges is not embarrassed by all this.

She added, “It’s like when I first went on stage and weighed myself in my underwear, it’s something different and people can’t deal with it, they’re not open.

“Personally, I have to do what is right for me, and this creates generational wealth.

“Women’s boxing is not the same as men’s boxing, we achieve this, but why shouldn’t I make money on the side if I can?

“I think doing something that people don’t agree with is very inspiring because it’s good to do what’s right for you and I hope I can inspire other women to ignore what other people think.” and do what’s right.” for you

“It doesn’t matter what people say online, I get as many good comments as bad comments, but who are they? How much money do they earn? I’m pretty sure if they could make money and do it, they would.

“This is judgment and I have struggled with judgmental and limited people all my life and I will continue to do so to set an example.”

In 2020, Bridges admitted that he granted some requests from fans in an effort to earn extra income, such as selling dirty workout socks.

Bridges was previously pictured alongside OnlyFans star Elle Brooke, but also turned down fan requests that she copy Ty Emery’s boxing celebration.

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