5 people shot dead during a gun ransom rally on a beach in Los Angeles


Five people were injured in a shooting on a beach in Los Angeles on Saturday — miles from where city officials held a gun-buy event earlier in the day — according to Los Angeles Police Department and City Councilman Tim McAusker. .

The LAPD Port Division responded to a radio report of a shooting in Royal Palms Beach around 5:45 pm Saturday.

“The five Hispanic victims were at a barbecue on the beach with a group of approximately 10 to 20 people,” the LAPD said in a written statement Sunday.

The two suspects approached the group and got into a fight. “The suspects then pulled out a gun and fired several shots, hitting the victims,” ​​the police said. “The suspects then fled the scene in a car.”

Five victims received a gunshot wound. “The latest information we received was that two of the victims are in critical condition, two of the victims are in serious condition and one victim is in stable condition,” the police said in a statement.

Earlier, the police reported that one victim was in critical condition, and four were in stable condition.

“We are outraged and saddened by the shooting at Royal Palms Beach in San Pedro that left 5 people injured,” McOsker and Janice Hahn, chairman of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, said in a joint statement.

“The tragic irony is that today we held a gun buyback event just a few miles from this place. Gun violence is wreaking havoc in our community.”

The joint statement said that Royal Palms Beach will be closed on Sunday and will close earlier on weekends as the city works on plans “to ensure the safety and peaceful use of the community.”

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